Phone & Tablet App (iOS & Android) | GorillaDesk

Phone & Tablet App (iOS & Android)

This is the companion app for GorillaDesk's desktop version.

To use the app you will need an Android or iOS compatible phone or tablet. You will also need a connected data plan.


Version 2.0 places these GorillaDesk features on your mobile device:

  • Integrated customer support
  • Add new customers
  • Edit customers
  • Search customers
  • View full customer profiles
  • Attach Credit Cards Easily (Stripe)
  • Add new jobs
  • Edit existing jobs
  • Add Estimates
  • Estimate signatures
  • View team notifications

Version 1.0

  • Technicians can now fully close jobs in the field
  • View customer contact info
  • View jobs in week calendar view
  • View job details and requirements
  • Map job address with phone's gps
  • View and take job notes
  • Add attachments to notes
  • Notify team members of important notes
  • Edit Invoices
  • Take signatures
  • Send invoice by email
  • Take payments
  • Process credit cards with Stripe
  • Check in & Check out
  • Record pest control material usage