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Getting Started with Notes

There are 4 types of notes in GorillaDesk:

  1. Top Notes (Internal Only)
  2. Location Notes (Internal Only)
  3. Job Notes (Internal Only)
  4. Invoice Notes (Visible to Customers)

Top Notes: Every customer account has 1 top note. This is used to store the most important information regarding this account. Many companies use all forms of short hand to communicate internally using the top note.

This note type appears on all the customer's jobs by default. It  appears as the first note you'll always see regarding the customer.

Some examples of usage for the top note: date/preferences, billing instructions, admin or tech instructions, allergies ... anything critical to the account.


Location Notes: This field is available when adding a new service location. Use it for recording notes very specific to the location such as access instructions or gate codes.


Job Notes: Within every job window you can record specific notes just for that particular job. These notes appear for this job only and also show on the printed schedules.


Invoice Notes: Found at the bottom of every invoice in edit mode is a note field visible to customers. This is the only note that is shared with the customer since it appears on the invoice/work order.


Additional Note Features:

Recurring Jobs Notes: After adding a job note you have the ability to tell this note to recur as the job recurs. 


Notifications: When writing a note you have the ability to Notify someone else in your company about this note. This notification will pop-up and bring the note to their attention.


Attachments: When adding notes to customer profiles or jobs, you'll find the attachment icon in the bottom left. 


You can click on the new attachment link to preview, print, or download the file.


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